Joshua P. Preiss, CFA®

Portfolio Manager

Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA)
Series 7 and 66


Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
FEI Outstanding Finance Student of the Year 2015-2016 Award
Student Managed Endowment Fund Member (two semesters)


June 2016


Portfolio Management: Preiss oversees portfolio management at the firm, and develops model investment portfolios designed to meet various client financial objectives using a range of asset classes including Equity Securities, Fixed Income Securities, and certain Alternative Investments such as REITs and REIT Mutual funds. Preiss uses his background in Finance and Economics to develop broad model asset allocation targets, and construct client portfolios in line with their risk tolerances, investment time horizons, and personal financial objectives & investment constraints.

Preiss conducts research and due diligence on securities used model portfolios. He uses data gathered from fund websites prospectuses and annual reports to analyze and evaluate fund managers and strategies, as well as third-party data to evaluate fund performance and asset allocation. Furthermore, Preiss conducts research on individual equity and fixed income security issuers to make buy, sell and hold recommendations to the firm’s investment committee and advisers. He uses a combination of SEC filings, earnings reports, and third-party research providers to evaluate securities using a bottom-up, fundamental analysis framework. Finally, Preiss conducts economic and market research to determine asset class targets within-firm investment strategies and models.

Get to Know Me

In Preiss’ free time, he enjoys hiking & getting outdoors in nature, listening to music (especially on vinyl), reading, and working out.

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