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Financial Planning Software

MFG Insight is the interactive financial planning software that Mersberger Financial Group utilizes to create financial plans tailored to your unique needs and goals. The platform unites technology with the experience of our advisor team to create various planning scenarios, illustrate planning risks and evaluate the results in real-time. 

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MFG Insight Applications

For Every Phase of Your Life

The MFG Insight application is utilized for planning with clients at every phase of their life:

  • Wealth Management Clients - fee-based structure aimed at those seeking a sophisticated financial plan that connects financial, tax, investment, risk, and estate planning strategies into a comprehensive plan while our team also manages the full financial picture from finances to investment management
  • Consulting Clients - hourly based fee aimed at  assisting those who need a customized financial plan without investment management services
  • Foundational Planning Program - subscription-based program aimed at providing financial guidance to individuals through beginning their investing journey
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MFG Insight

What's Included?

MFG Insight Details

By using this software, you can:

  • Data Aggregation - Aggregate all of your accounts, liabilities, expenses, and income sources to visualize any gaps in your finances
  • Goal Monitoring - Track scenarios in real-time to see if you're on track to reach your goals. It can recognize variables that impact your goals and helps strategize ways to maximize the success of your financial plan
  • Market Analysis - MFG Insight stress tests various scenarios of market rates of returns against your financial plan to calculate probabilities of success, We can use this information to find better ways to mitigate risks
  • Income Projection - MFG Insight projects various ways income needs can be met based on plan scenarios. Your advisor will work with you to put your unique income strategy into place.
  • Document Storage - Securely share and store documents pertaining to your financial life in your online vault which can be accessed directly from your MFG Insight dashboard

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MFG Insight

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