Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Implementation & Review

Investment Policy Statement

At the heart of Mersberger Financial Group’s Institutional wealth management services are tailor-made Investment Policy Statements built to address each client’s unique needs, objectives, and investment preferences.

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Investment Policy Statement Purpose

The Investment Policy Statement (IPS) outlines the expectations of all parties involved in the management of the portfolio including the board of directors overseeing the portfolio, the investment adviser managing the portfolio, and the organization’s management team. Additionally, the Investment Policy Statement will outline the risk and return objectives of the portfolio, as well as any specific investment constraints unique to each individual organization.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Implementation & Review

What's Included
Investment Policy Statement Objectives

Typical objectives addressed in the IPS include:

  • Investment Time Horizon
  • The entities willingness and ability to bear risk
  • The portfolio’s spending policy
  • The portfolio’s near and long-term liquidity needs
  • Long-term return objectives
  • The organization’s investment philosophy
  • The organization’s philosophy towards fees and expenses
  • Investment constraints such as disallowed asset classes or securities, specific allocation constraints, and any restricted transactions

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Investment Policy Statement

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