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The Fiduciary Group, LLC, a subsidiary of Mersberger Financial Group, Inc., helps advisors who want to grow their business but struggle with the daily challenges of doing so. The Fiduciary Group can assist with technology, compliance, marketing, practice management, operations, and asset management. Advisors affiliated with The Fiduciary Group are able to choose which of these services they would like to utilize in an a la carte fashion. Our goal is to free up advisors to spend time on what they do best. The Fiduciary Group also believes in, and is actively building, a network of advisors who can pool resources and expertise to achieve economies of scale and major synergies in many of the common areas to client service, financial planning, and practice management. This structure allows advisors in this network to benefit from the shared resources and expertise that each firm brings to the group.

"The Fiduciary Group...built by advisors, for advisors."


Keep Your Independence
Firms that join The Fiduciary Group keep full independence, retain their name and brand, and are given the freedom to function as autonomously as they would like. The a la carte offering we have developed allows each firm to tap into our structure in their own unique way that fits them best. We exist to assist in whatever areas of your firm that you request.

Keep Your Equity
Firms that join The Fiduciary Group retain full equity and ownership and simply affiliate under our branch and OSJ supervisory model. 

Keep Your Clients
All clients remain the property of each firm and its’ advisors. The Fiduciary Group does offer asset management solutions but these are provided through separately managed, sub-advised accounts where each advisor is listed solely on the account and we simply act as sub-advisors and complete all portfolio management duties.

Do What You Do Best
The Fiduciary Group exists to allow affiliated firms to outsource the operational, compliance, marketing, and asset management processes and services that the do not wish to be responsible for.

Focus on Growing Your Business
Our structure allows advisors to focus on where their time is most valuable, helping each advisor maximize their potential to grow and succeed.

Solutions Offered

Practice Management

Financial Planning

Succession Planning

Asset Management






The Fiduciary Group has developed an innovative pricing strategy that enables advisors to enjoy the maximum payout offered to The Fiduciary Group through its broker dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. We believe that this pricing structure is transparent, fair, and enables advisors to maximize their compensation, unlike the outdated and sometimes unfair pricing models still employed by many OSJ supervisory networks. The Fiduciary Group’s pricing is customized and dependent on the scope of services that an advisor wishes to utilize. Pricing can range from 0-20 basis points of an advisor’s payout if not utilizing the asset management services of The Fiduciary Group. If utilizing the asset management services provided by The Fiduciary Group, advisors have the ability to enjoy the maximum payout available to the Fiduciary Group through their broker dealer.

Our Ideal Advisor:

  • $25 million + AUM
  • Actively pursuing growth
  • Looking to outsource certain business/asset management functions
  • Culture is ethical, honest, transparent, motivated

Current Members

Schneiss & Associates

Joined July 2018

Jochimsen Wealth Management, LLC

Joined February 2019

Solid Rock Investing

Joined February 2020

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