MFG Market Monitor 6-22-22 Selling Out in Times of Uncertainty

Should you move out of the market into cash during uncertain times? Watch this episode of the MFG Market Monitor on the topic of Selling Out in Times of Uncertainty.

Joshua P. Preiss, CFA®
Austin A. Summers

Jun. 29th, 2022

MFG Market Monitor 6-29-22 Selling Out in Times of Uncertainty

The MFG Market Monitor is an educational series provided by Mersberger Financial Group, Inc. and is led by our internal Wealth Management Team.

Episode: Selling Out In Times of Uncertainty

- "Should I move out of the market into cash?"
- Proactive Investment Moves During Uncertainty
- The Cost of Selling Out/Cash
- Timing the Market: An Asymmetric Risk
- Behavior Finance Biases

Note: This episode was recorded on June 22, 2022 and information is accurate of the recording date as situations evolve.

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